Why Do I Need A Metabolic Detoxification?

Take a moment to evaluate your day to day symptoms and then ask yourself the following questions:

Do I often have intestinal issues such as bloating, constipation or gas?

Am I frequently tired, fatigued or unmotivated?

Do I experience moods swings, anxiety, depression?

Do I crave certain foods, retain water and/or have a difficult time losing weight?

Have you gained unsuspecting weight as a result of COVID?

If you answered yes to several of these questions and experience most of these symptoms, you may want to consider a metabolic detoxification.

But what is metabolic detoxification? It is your body’s way of naturally eliminating toxins from your cells. Most of the time your body does this by itself, but if you are not giving your body the appropriate fuel and taking care of it properly, it does not always have the ability to eliminate toxins.

Did you know that toxins can build up in your system and compromise your health and affect the way that you function each day? Depending on how you fuel your body and the environment that you live in, some people may be more toxic than others. There are several misconceptions about how to safely detoxify our bodies. You may have seen detox teas, foot baths, spas, oils, pills, etc. Many of these strategies can actually be more harmful rather than helpful. If not careful, you can become very weak and ill if you are not guided into a safe detox.

So what works?

Elimination Diet

You can and should start with an Elimination Diet. Stop consuming the following: Gluten, Dairy, Processed Foods, Alcohol and Sugar. Why these products? These foods are preventing our body’s organs from detoxifying properly and almost always increase inflammation and oxidative stress. Instead, consume more non-starchy vegetables, nuts and seeds, proteins such as chicken, grass-fed beef and beans and lentils.

Drink Your Water

As simple as it sounds, increase your water intake. The average person needs a minimum of 64 oz of water per day. This needs to increase when you start implementing exercise and outdoor activities. While you are detoxing, this will help to efficiently flush out your toxins.

Sweat It Out

Along with the many benefits that working out can provide, sweating out your toxins is among them. Finding high-intensity exercise that fits your lifestyle and schedule is incredibly important when trying to cleanse your body.

Get Some Zzzz’s

Are you getting enough sleep each night? Do not discount the importance of what your body does for you when you are resting. Your brain actually removes toxins and waste from itself while you recharge as well. And the best part? You do not have to do any work! How well do you function on a minimal amount of sleep? Probably not very well. You are also more likely to make poor decisions and become easily distracted throughout the day when you have less sleep.

Comprehensive Metabolic Detoxification

Do you feel like you need to take it a step further? Most people could benefit from a directed metabolic detox at least once or twice a year. There are several programs that can safely guide you into metabolic detoxification without risking the chance of muscle wasting and increased fatigue. It is incredibly important to do your research and talk to your doctor before starting a detoxification program.

Dr. Catherine Oseni has helped many people detox safely and can help you do the same! Call Alpha Care Wellness Center at 817-550-6332 to schedule your initial consultation today to see if a metabolic detoxification is right for you! Conveniently located at 1200 Clear Lake Dr. in Weatherford, TX 76086, Dr. Catherine can see you in person or via a virtual platform.

Curious to learn more details about how metabolic detoxification can benefit you and your immune system? Tune in for Dr. Catherine’s next webinar in her series, “Building Immune Resilience Through Functional Medicine” going LIVE June 11th at 7 pm. Having had a great turn out with the first webinar “Resiliency With Diet,” this will be the second installment titled, “Resiliency With Metabolic Detox.” These webinars are intended to guide viewers to protect their immune systems as we navigate life amidst COVID19. Register at https://drcatherineoseni.yondo.com/webinar/building-immune-resilience-through-functional/11815




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