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Dr. Catherine Oseni’s Alpha Care Wellness Center in Parker County began in 2003 as a pharmacy and has evolved into a full-service wellness clinic for men, women, and children. As Fort Worth’s leading functional medicine expert, Dr. Catherine Oseni specializes in integrative and functional medicine, and takes a special interest in creating a personalized wellness plan for each client based on their unique needs.

She is able to individualize this approach for each client based on years of experience in identifying and correcting the fundamental, root cause of a client’s health concerns.

The result of this specialized type of care is a more natural, whole-person approach to current healthcare and it allows clients more freedom to take an active role in their wellness.

Dr. Catherine Oseni, Pharm.D., FAAMFM, ABAAHP

As a clinical integrative pharmacist who is board certified and fellowship-trained in integrative and functional medicine, Dr. Catherine Oseni built her medical career on a deep-rooted foundation of expertise in traditional medications, their effect on the body, as well as how supplements and herbs can affect or interact with prescribed medications. Having practiced direct client care since 2006, Dr. Catherine Oseni possesses a very unique and highly regarded set of skills, experience, and training to effectively and safely integrate traditional (Western) medicine into holistic, alternative, clinically effective and evidence-based therapies.

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Our approach begins with actively listening to each client with empathy, and ends with science-based, data-driven, and integrative treatments solutions, customized to meet each client’s needs.


My daughter has been suffering with eczema her whole life & it started getting worse in her teen years. She was having trouble sleeping & doing daily activities. We started seeing Dr Catherine and have finally found some answers. Dr Catherine put her on an elimination diet, taking digestive enzymes when she eats & taking supplements to repair her gut lining. She is feeling so much better these days & back to being a normal teenage girl. Thank you for helping her!!!!!

- Maddie M.

Dr. Catherine and her alphaceuticals have been a God send after traditional medicine failed to diagnose and treat my husband’s condition. He has been improving since the first week of “treatment” and we are seeing improvement in other areas as well. We couldn’t be happier! Great client service and caring staff. We would highly recommend anyone who is fed up with traditional medicine to talk to Dr. Catherine.

- Jill B.

I have been seeing Dr. Oseni for almost a year. She has counseled me through my cancer diagnosis and subsequent treatment. Her expertise with cancer clients and her knowledge of supplements to help my body's reaction to chemo and to ultimately help my body heal after chemo has been invaluable. My reactions to my chemo were very minimal and my body has continued to gain strength and energy with her assistance and advice. I am now feeling so much better than I felt in years.

- Jayne F.




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