What Causes Hormone Deficiency?

Are you often tired and fatigued? Do you frequently feel sad for no apparent reason? Are you suddenly gaining or losing weight inexplicably?

People can easily overlook these symptoms and put the blame on stress. However, these issues may actually be related to a hormone deficiency and imbalance in your body.

What Is a Hormone Deficiency?

This disorder can affect your growth, fertility, sex drive, and stress, among other issues. Its symptoms develop gradually and may get worse over time. In other cases, the signs and symptoms can develop suddenly.

The symptoms of a hormone deficiency also vary from person to person. If a person has more than one hormone deficiency, one deficiency can actually hide the signs of the other.

Hormone deficiency can strike men and women of any age. Therefore, it is best to consult with a health care professional if you feel tired and/or sad all the time. Hormone deficiency can be managed with medicine and other treatments.

Common Causes of a Hormone Deficiency

There are certain factors that can increase a person’s risk of developing a hormone deficiency. These risk factors include the following:


The risk of having a hormonal deficiency increases as you grow older. When women go through menopause, they have decreased levels of estrogen production; similarly, men go through andropause, during which time their bodies produce lower levels of testosterone. These hormone phases can cause moodiness and changes in a person’s general feeling of well-being.


The chances of having a hormone deficiency increases if blood-related relatives have also had this disorder. In some cases, the cause of hormone deficiency is unknown; the following are some of the known causes of hormone deficiency:

Pituitary Tumors

The presence of a tumor in or adjacent to your pituitary gland is one of the most common causes of a hormone deficiency. If this pituitary tumor increases in size, it can damage your pituitary tissue – affecting your hormone production.


Secondary metastases (spreading) from breast cancer, colon cancer, or prostate cancer may also result in hormone deficiency. However, this is a much less common cause of this disorder.

Inflammation of the Pituitary Gland

Infections in this gland may be caused by a bacterial or viral infection, thereby creating fluctuating levels of key hormones in the body. These can include tuberculosis, syphilis, and other infections.

Head Injury or Brain Surgery

Hormone deficiency may also develop due to a traumatic head injury (TBI) or from radiation treatment or resection surgery of a brain tumor.

Wellness Center in Weatherford, Texas

A hormone deficiency is a manageable condition. AlphaCare Wellness Center offers unique solutions for health problems of all kinds in men, women, and children, including hormone imbalances.

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