How Can Nutrition Counseling Help You Fix an Imbalanced Diet


What you eat on a regular basis is your diet. If your food is a good mix of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, fat (healthy ones!), and protein, you are likely eating a healthy diet.

However, if you have all these (cabs, proteins, fats, vegetables, and fruits) in your diet, but one of these is in excess or deficiency, your diet needs to be balanced. Not only the proportion of the dietary part but also the kind of dietary part (e.g., saturated or unsaturated fats) you take matters.

Needless to say, an imbalanced diet is a major contributing factor to many illnesses, including obesity which affects two-thirds of American adults.

Such illnesses indicate an imbalance in your diet, and you need nutrition counseling. Let’s talk about how nutritional counseling can help you fix an imbalanced diet and where you can find the best nutrition expert in Weatherford, TX.

Nutrition Counselling for Imbalanced Diet

Whether you are eating too little or too much, are suffering from anorexia nervosa, bulimia, or binge eating, or are just proactive about your diet, you can get help from nutrition counseling.

Nutrition counseling can help you discover the right type of food you need to eat on a regular basis to improve your health and reach your goal. It can provide you with just everything you need to achieve and maintain better health.

Nutrition counseling can help you fix your imbalanced diet by providing you with:

Education About Diet and Nutrition

As a vital part of nutrition counseling,nutrition education empowers you with the skills you need to eat healthily. It allows you to learn how different foods and nutrients affect your body, understand the benefits and risks of each food choice, and how your food choices impact your metabolism, energy, or weight. This results in more control of you over your diet.

Not only this, but nutrition counseling also helps you identify the areas where you need to make changes while educating you on ways to implement the changes in your life.

Goals and Strategies to Modify Behaviors That Lead to ImbalancedDiet Consumption

More and more of us eat on the go and rely increasingly on convenience foods high in salts, sugars, additives, and calories. Not to mention that we do not consume our meals in a ‘conscious’ fashion.

A nutrition counselor assesses your dietary needs concerning your health and medical condition, helps establish goals, and identifies strategies to change the behaviors that interfere with your well-being and goals.

If necessary, nutrition counseling can also be the gateway to the therapy to learn the hidden causes of your behaviors.

Ongoing Support

You may have to meet your nutrition counselor occasionallyfor them to monitor you and evaluate if you’re making any progress in fixing your imbalanced diet and how close you are to your goals. You may also possibly learn additional strategies to achieve sustainable outcomes.

Nutrition Counseling in Weatherford, TX

In addition to diet and nutrition education, goals and strategies, and ongoing support, nutrition counseling also offers lifestyle recommendations and medical-grade supplements (nutraceuticals) to achieve your goals.

If you’re located in Weatherford, Texas, and are looking for a trusted nutrition expert in the area, look no further than our nutrition expert, Dr. Catherine Oseni, at Alpha Care Wellness Center.

Dr. Catherine is a board-certified integrative and functional medicine physician who offers nutrition counseling to empower our clients to make healthy and balanced food choices and ultimately live healthier and longer lives.

If you would like to make an appointment with our nutrition expert, call us today at (817) 550-6332 or click here to submit a request.



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