Have Some Extra Pounds? Weight-Loss Programs that Can Help

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We don’t need to tell you the hard truth about weight loss, as it is most likely what drove you to be on this page— to search for an effective, long-term solution to your problem.

Whether you’re looking to shed the “pandemic” weight or struggling to lose the pounds you’ve accumulated due to unhealthy lifestyle habits or a metabolic condition, we can help. Below, we’ve provided some information about our weight-loss programs here at Alpha Care Wellness Center that will take you to the results you’ve spent months, or even years, trying to achieve!

Weight-Loss Programs That Are Proven to Work

Dr. Catherine Oseni, a board-certified and fellowship-trained integrative and functional medicine, is one of the most trusted weight-loss specialists in Weatherford, and many clients are raving about her unique and holistic approach to weight management.

Dr. Catherine offers medically supervised programs, namely Healthy Transformation, and 30-Day Healthy Eating programs, which have already helped numerous clients in Weatherford and neighboring areas lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way. The term “medically supervised” denotes that Dr. Catherine will work closely with you—and you will rely on her expertise—to make decisions regarding what is and isn’t appropriate or safe for your unique situation.

What sets our weight-loss programs apart from those that are flooding the market is that ours promote a healthy lifestyle, dietary, and behavior changes as well as encourage our clients to establish a good relationship with food—and thus sustainable.

During your appointment with Dr. Catherine, she will review your current state of health and medical history. She will also order functional medicine testing to determine any underlying health issues that could impede your progress and thwart your efforts. Based on the results of her evaluation, Dr. Catherine will then proceed with recommending the most suitable plan for you.

Depending on your unique situation, lifestyle, and specific goals, your treatment plan may incorporate a combination of the following components:

  • An individualized diet plan that consists of functional foods- These are foods that have potentially beneficial effects beyond their nutritional value.
  • Nutraceuticals (pharmaceutical-grade supplements)- Catherine offers a vast array of nutraceuticals, which are supplements derived from food sources that give you health benefits, in addition to their base nutritional values.
  • Behavior and lifestyle changes- These include avoiding excessive intake of sugary foods or drinks, avoiding smoking, and focusing on food quality instead of simply tracking your calorie intake.
  • Accountability/ tracking your progress (e.g., self-monitoring and weekly measurements)
  • An exercise program tailored to your specific health and lifestyle needs

To request a consultation with one of the best weight-loss specialists in Weatherford, call our friendly staff at (817) 550-6332, or use this form, and we will get in touch with you promptly.

We look forward to helping you lose weight in the healthiest way, so you can look and feel your best not only now but for the many years to come!



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