A Holistic Approach to Autism

Children affected by autism often have unique physical or psychological challenges that can be exacerbated by ingredients found in food and medicine. These ingredients include casein, soy, sugars, gluten, dyes, carbohydrates, and heavy metals like aluminum. Parents must therefore manage their child’s unique dietary restrictions, including the ingredients in the medications they take.

Let’s talk about what you can do to maintain proper nutrition for your child with autism, and how a compounding pharmacy can help an autistic person get the medicines they need but without the chemicals that could cause a flare-up.

Why Is Compounding Medication So Beneficial?

Whether a child readily takes their medicines often comes down to the flavor of the medication. You may have tried to explain to your child that they must take their liquid medication, but they refuse to take it, saying they only like pills. If you go to a compounding pharmacy, the pharmacist can take the liquid medication and reformulate it into tablet form, or change the flavor of the liquid into a flavor your child likes.

Also, a compounding pharmacy can remove ancillary ingredients that may be harmful for an autistic child. A compounding pharmacist can adjust the dosage of your child’s medication so that it is the proper amount – not too strong, not too light.

Many children on the autism spectrum have additional dietary needs, including those clients with asthma, allergies, or ADHD (attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder), which makes the list of approved ingredients even more specific to the child. A compounding pharmacist can custom-compound any and all of the child’s medications in order to keep the necessary ingredients and remove the harmful or additive ingredients that could trigger an episode. The pharmacist can do this by removing unnecessary preservatives, dyes, flavors, casein, gluten, carbohydrates, and metals.

Compounding Pharmacy for Autism Patients

Because each child’s body has its own unique needs, commercially available medications sometimes may not provide the appropriate dosage, form, or ingredients needed. AlphaCare Pharmacy has several products available that benefit people with autism, including SuspendAll suspension base for oral medications, Anhydrous Lipoderm cream for skin-absorbed medications, and Effervescent Powder Base to make oral medications more palatable.

Dr. Catherine Oseni is a highly skilled and experienced compounding pharmacist. Her special products at AlphaCare Pharmacy are available to benefit children and adults with autism.

Dr. Oseni specializes in compounding medications for the individual. She understands that everyone has different tastes and different medical needs, and that there are many additives in medicines that must be removed in order to avoid reactions. She has been serving clientele for more than a decade, and she has expertise in integrative and functional medicine to make a difference in the lives of children who have special requirements.

You can contact us at AlphaCare Wellness Center today by calling us at (817) 550-6332, or schedule a consultation by filling out our easy-to-use online form. Let us teach you more about autism and the benefits of a compounding pharmacy to make it easy for your child to take their medicine!




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