What Is the Right Weight-Loss Program for You?

Doctor explaining a weight loss programDoctor explaining a weight loss program

Anyone eager to lose weight is inclined to search the Internet for answers, only to find themself experiencing information overload. Having to cut through the myriad of weight-loss programs out there and not knowing which one can give you real and lasting results can be tough and frustrating.

Spare yourself the trouble— seek the expertise of an integrative and functional medicine physician, who can devise the right weight-loss program for you.

But what exactly makes the right weight-loss program? Let’s find out.

Safety and Sustainability

No one wants to achieve their weight-loss goal only to end up suffering from health problems. Avoid weight-loss plans that are too focused on drastically restricting calorie intake and that guarantee you rapid weight loss in a short period of time. Likewise, steer clear of those that require taking nonprescription diet pills or supplements. Rapid weight loss can result in malnutrition, dehydration, fatigue, formation of gallstone, and other conditions—and this is especially true if you’re trying a weight-loss program without medical supervision.

If your weight-loss program is too obtrusive, rigid, or stressful, or seems too good to be true, you will likely not be able to maintain it. Assuming that you will be able to lose weight rapidly can only result in frustration and giving up completely.

The right weight-loss program is one that fosters realistic and reasonable expectations and encourages you to lose only one to two pounds per week—it is one that you can stick to even long after you lost the excess pounds. The right weight-loss program doesn’t require you to take nonprescription diet pills or supplements. It encourages you to eat real food and make healthy lifestyle choices, such as engaging in regular physical activity, doing the necessary behavior modifications, and managing your stress. The right weight-loss program is also created to effectively balance your body chemistry and perfectly suit your specific needs, overall health, and lifestyle.


The right weight-loss program allows occasional indulgence and gives you the freedom to choose foods from each of the major food groups, as you deem necessary and appropriate to your specific daily macronutrient target. The right weight-loss program helps you establish a healthy relationship with food, and this can help you keep your weight off for good.

Involves Discipline and Accountability

The right weight-loss program involves tons of discipline. Motivation alone is not enough. While there is no doubt that the latter can help you get started on the path to fitness, it’s not going to be what wakes you up early in the morning for a jog or drives you to the gym after a long day at work. Discipline is one of the cornerstones of any successful weight-loss program.

One more important characteristic of the right weight-loss program is that it requires accountability, which reinforces discipline and creates consistency. Studies show that people who have accountability partners and who keep food journals and constantly monitor their progress are twice as successful at losing weight and maintaining it as those who do not. Your integrative and functional medicine physician is the perfect accountability partner for you.

Safe and Successful Weight-Loss Program in Weatherford, TX

If you live in or around Weatherford in Texas and have typed in “weight-loss program near me” to scour the World Wide Web for a safe and effective program, but to no avail, your search ends here.

At Alpha Care Wellness Center, board-certified integrative and functional medicine physician Dr. Catherine Oseni offers the 30-day healthy eating program, which reflects her unique, evidence-based approach to weight loss. She will start with identifying the exact cause of your weight gain and all the other factors that could impede your progress. Based on the results of her assessment, Dr. Catherine will then create an individualized weight-loss program, which combines diet, exercise, and supplementation, to fit your specific health needs and lifestyle. To ensure an optimal outcome, she will monitor your progress by taking measurements on a weekly basis.

If you are ready to try a different approach to weight loss, call the Alpha Wellness Center clinic at (817) 550-6332 to make an appointment with Dr. Oseni or use our online request form.



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