What Is the Basic Idea Behind Functional Medicine?

A woman having an at-home visit with a functional medicine expert.A woman having an at-home visit with a functional medicine expert.

Many of the mainstream physicians in the United States and the world oversee people who are already dealing with medical conditions and simply work to eliminate or manage their symptoms, providing what’s aptly called “disease care” instead of health care.

Functional medicine—an individualized, evidence-based, and holistic healthcare discipline— bridges the gap between traditional and alternative medicine by incorporating practices and modalities which, instead of focusing on providing mere symptom relief, are geared toward preventing and tackling health problems at their root.

Outlined below are a few of the basic principles of functional medicine to give you a better grasp of this unique and innovative approach to health care.

Good Health Is Not Tantamount to the Absence of Disease

Good health means so much more than the absence of disease: it encompasses the conscious and active pursuit of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being through engagement in wholesome behaviors. These include having a healthy diet, managing stress, having a positive outlook on life, and engaging in regular physical activity.

A functional medicine physician recognizes all of these as elements of general wellness and puts them at the center of their approach to care. As such, a functional medicine physician employs a variety of approaches, a few of which are discussed below, to help clients build a solid groundwork for good health.

  • Patient education- to give clients a good understanding of how the lack of exercise, poor diet, and unhealthy other habits affect how they think, feel, and function; and counteract the negative effects through dietary, behavioral, and lifestyle recommendations before the slightest symptoms of health problems develop
  • Functional medicine testing (e.g., celiac profile, nutrigenomic testing, micronutrient testing, adrenal stress index panel, etc.)- to provide crucial insight into what is going on in the body’s “ecosystem” and delve into the root cause of health problems
  • Functional foods/ nutraceutical supplements– to provide health benefits beyond basic nutrition (e.g., protection against cell damage and some diseases) as well as enable people living with certain medical conditions to manage their distinctive nutritional needs for which their normal diet may not be adequate

Patient-Centered, Relationship-Based Care

Unlike the traditional approach, which somewhat molds a hierarchical relationship between doctors and clients, the functional medicine approach fosters client autonomy and upholds the insights of both the client and the doctor. The latter aims to empower clients to have a vested interest in their care and apply all of their doctor’s recommendations to their lifestyle to achieve optimal health or the best treatment outcomes.

Physical, Emotional, Mental and Social Health Are Inextricably Interlinked

As a holistic healthcare discipline, functional medicine is rooted in the premise that being unwell in just one aspect of health can greatly affect a person in all of the others. Thus, when you see a functional medicine doctor, expect to have an assessment of all aspects of your health.

For instance, if you suffer from migraines, a functional medicine physician won’t just jump into providing treatment. They will look into your diet, work responsibilities, day-to-day activities, lifestyle habits, and other factors that contribute to stress—a common migraine trigger. A functional medicine doctor may provide you with a nutritional guide and lifestyle recommendations as well as teach you coping strategies, in addition to your standard treatment, to head off migraine attacks or effectively mitigate your symptoms.

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At Alpha Care Wellness Center, Dr. Catherine Oseni, our board-certified integrative and functional medicine specialist, is best known for her compassionate approach to care and the vast array of evidence-based solutions she offers for the prevention, management, and treatment of a wide range of medical conditions. You can rest assured that when you’re under Dr. Catherine’s care, you’re working with a medical professional who takes the time to understand and consider your unique needs and who is profoundly committed to guiding you along the path to optimal health and well-being.

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