Treatments for Lung Cancer

November is National Lung Cancer Awareness Month – time to learn more about lung cancer, including what it is and how it’s best treated. Lung cancer is the second most frequently diagnosed cancer in both men and women every year, but it is the number-one cause of cancer deaths in both genders, according to 2019 statistics by the American Cancer Society.

Cancer of the lung is therefore a critical public health problem. However, the good news is that various treatment options exist for clients to reduce their symptoms and add years to their lives.

Chemotherapy for Lung Cancer

Chemotherapy is literally therapy with chemicals, and these specific chemicals are designed to kill cancer cells in the body. These drugs are usually administered either orally or through injections.

However, this treatment also harms healthy cells that appear similar to cancer cells. As a result, the client can suffer major side effects from chemotherapy treatments, such as gastrointestinal problems and pain.

Plus, lung cancer cells might have mutations that render them resistant to chemotherapy. The client might also be too weak to handle the side effects.

Holistic Cancer Therapy

A promising way to help resolve some of the problems associated with chemotherapy treatment for lung cancer is to implement integrative cancer therapies. The best types of holistic and natural cancer therapies rely on improving nutrition, so that the body has an ample supply of nutrients with which to fight the cancer by boosting the healthy cells.

Some nutrients, such as vitamins C and E, work as antioxidants. They protect cells from harmful free radicals, which can react with cellular structures and damage them. Patients therefore need to take in reasonable amounts of antioxidants to protect their healthy cells.

Other nutrients, such as vitamin B-12, work by promoting proper metabolism. This vitamin enables the body to effectively use energy to engage its restorative mechanisms, thereby promoting healing. Meanwhile, minerals such as zinc and magnesium are essential in helping the body to regrow and maintain healthy tissue.

Natural Cancer Treatments

Lung cancer clients who are on chemotherapy treatment may need adjusted amounts of certain nutrients due to the heavy impact of the treatment on their bodies. Hence, they should consult with a pharmaceutical specialist who focuses on integrative cancer therapies to further combat the cancer. Customized, individualized treatment plans ensure that the client receives optimum nutrition, allowing them to fully heal from their cancer.

Integrative and Functional Medicine in Weatherford, TX

A standard method of cancer treatment is chemotherapy, but this medical intervention causes numerous side effects. Therefore, clients who are fighting lung cancer and other types of cancer will do well to address these side effects with integrative medicine.

Dr. Catherine Oseni specializes in integrative and functional pharmaceutical treatments and natural remedies, including holistic therapies. Her solutions can help lung cancer clients experience improved symptoms during and after chemotherapy treatment, and her compounding pharmacy literally makes medicine for each client’s specific needs.

Integrative cancer therapies can help you recover from the inevitable damage caused by chemotherapy. If you are in or around the Weatherford area, visit AlphaCare Wellness Center – where Dr. Oseni can help reduce the side effects of chemotherapy you’re experiencing. Call (817) 550-6332 today to schedule a consultation, and get back on the road to health and wellness!



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