Signs That You May Need Hormone Replacement Therapy

As we reach a certain age, our bodies taper off or stop producing some hormones. However, while these hormonal fluctuations and deficiency are something that we are supposed to anticipate, these can become quite difficult to deal with for many men and women. At times, aging-related hormonal imbalances can bring on a vast range of symptoms that can greatly affect a person’s quality of life.

The development of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is good news to many men and women hoping to reverse the effects of aging-related hormonal deficiencies. HRT involves taking hormones—in the form of pills, creams, dermal patches, or suppositories—to replace those that the body either has stopped producing or no longer making enough of. For men, it’s testosterone; while for women, estrogen, and progesterone.

But how would you know that you need HRT? Let’s identify the different signs that tell you it’s time to consider hormone replacement therapy.

Signs a Woman Needs Hormone Replacement Therapy

Women’s estrogen levels start to decline in their mid-30s. However, it is only between ages 45 and 55 when estrogen levels dramatically drop, thus the onset of menopause. At this point, a woman’s estrogen levels are only about a tenth of what they used to be prior to menopause.

If you’re a woman, listed below are some of the signs that tell you it may be time to consider hormone replacement therapy:

  • Brain fog
  • Decreased bone density and muscle strength (increased risk of osteoporosis)
  • Dryer skin
  • Low energy levels (fatigue)
  • Inability to lose weight despite a healthy diet and lifestyle
  • Insomnia
  • Low sex drive
  • Menstrual cycles gradually ending
  • Mood swings
  • Muscle and/or joint pain
  • Hair thinning
  • Vaginal atrophy (dryness, thinning, and inflammation of the vaginal walls)

Signs a Man Needs Hormone Replacement Therapy

Unlike women, who experience a precipitous decline in their hormone levels during menopause, men experience a gradual decrease in their hormone levels, averaging only about one percent a year. However, 40 percent of men 45 years of age and older still experience the effects of testosterone decline.

If you’re a man, the following signs could indicate that you’re a likely candidate for hormone replacement therapy:

  • Decrease in testicle size
  • Difficulty focusing/ decreased mental acuity
  • Dryer skin
  • Erectile dysfunction (inability to achieve or maintain an erection)
  • Fatigue or low energy
  • Feeling sluggish and irritable
  • Hair thinning
  • Lost muscle mass
  • Low bone density
  • Low sex drive
  • Weight gain

Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone replacement therapy reverses these adverse effects, bringing about a host of benefits.

The benefits of hormone replacement therapy for women include:

  • Fracture prevention (caused by low bone density)
  • Reduced risk of dementia and heart disease
  • Less pain during sex
  • Better sleep
  • Feelings of well-being
  • Alleviating vaginal dryness, hot flashes, and night sweats

Hormone replacement therapy for men, on the other hand, comes with the following benefits:

  • Mental sharpness
  • Increased muscle strength
  • Enhanced sexual function (improved penile rigidity and duration of erection)
  • Improved cognitive function and feelings of well-being
  • Optimal energy levels

Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men and Women in Weatherford, TX

If you’re contemplating hormone replacement therapy but unsure about its contraindications and risks, talk to Dr. Catherine Oseni at Alpha Care Wellness Center. As a board-certified integrative and functional medicine physician, Dr. Catherine employs a holistic approach to treating hormonal imbalances, and she will likely recommend natural alternatives to HRT. She will take the time to address all of your questions and concerns and give you expert advice to help you make a well-informed decision.

To arrange a consultation with Dr. Catherine Oseni, you may call us at (817) 550-6332 or use this appointment request form. We look forward to helping you manage your health the natural way!



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