How to Choose the Right Weight-Loss Program

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If you’ve grown tired of always failing in your weight-loss pursuit, don’t give up hope. Choosing a weight-loss program that is right for you may seem like an arduous endeavor, but all it actually takes is to know the wheres and hows.

Here are a few, simple, but effective tips to help you choose the right weight-loss program for you.

1.) Work with a physician who takes a holistic approach to weight loss.

A holistic approach to weight loss considers the various factors that potentially contribute to a person’s excess weight problem. It includes not only diet and physical activity but also emotional, mental, and cultural components that can bolster a person’s ability to successfully adhere to their weight-loss program.

If you live in or around Weatherford, Texas, consider working with our board-certified and fellowship-trained integrative and functional medicine specialist here at Alpha Care Wellness Center, Dr. Catherine Oseni. She will carry out a comprehensive evaluation, which includes a thorough review of your medical history and current health condition as well as functional medicine testing to determine any underlying condition/s that could hinder your progress and first tackle them at the root.

2.) Ensure the weight-loss program includes your specific needs.

There’s no one weight-loss program for everyone: what works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another. Talk to Dr. Catherine about your preferences, all the weight-loss programs you’ve tried and what caused you to abandon them, your lifestyle, weight-loss goals, and cultural or ethic preferences regarding food.

Dr. Catherine will take the time to get to know you as well as analyze and integrate these factors. Based on these, she will recommend a medically supervised weight-loss program that fully covers your specific needs. 

3.) Consider these hallmarks.

It can be easy to fall hook, line, and sinker for weight-loss programs that promise rapid and dramatic results, but as the good old saying goes, “If something is too good to be true, it most likely is.

Dr. Catherine will likely recommend that you lose up to 2 pounds a week only. However, there may be situations in which she may recommend faster weight loss instead— it can be safe when done the right way. Either way, with Dr. Catherine’s close medical supervision, you can successfully lose weight and keep it off for good.

You know Dr. Catherine’s weight-loss program is the right one for you because it possesses the following characteristics:

  • Flexibility and balance- Dr. Catherine’s weight-loss program allows occasional but reasonable indulgence and doesn’t eliminate certain foods or food groups. It includes foods that contain the right amount of macronutrients (carbohydrates, protein, and healthy fats)— featuring a healthy combination of fruits and vegetables, lean protein sources, low-fat dairy products, and whole grains.
  • Likeability- Your weight-loss program likely includes some of your favorite foods. Dr. Catherine is well aware that if you don’t like the foods in your plan or if it is too restrictive or it gets boring, you are less likely to stick to it. Long-term weight loss is also unlikely.
  • Discipline and Accountability– The right-loss weight loss program for you is one that requires tons of accountability, which reinforces discipline and helps you establish consistency.

Working with Dr. Catherine means you have an accountability partner, who will constantly monitor your progress and help keep you motivated.

Dr. Catherine’s weight-loss program also covers the following essential elements:

  • An individualized diet plan, which consists of functional foods
  • Behavior and lifestyle recommendations
  • Exercise program tailored to your lifestyle and health
  • Pharmaceutical-grade supplements

Weight-Loss Program in Weatherford, TX

To find out more about our medically supervised weight-loss programs or to schedule a consultation with one of Weatherford’s top weight-loss specialists, Dr. Catherine Oseni, call our office today at (817) 550-6332. Alternatively, you can use our convenient online form.



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