How Integrative Medicine Complements Conventional Medicine

Integrative medicine is designed to complement conventional medicine by considering and addressing the whole person, not just the individual illness or symptoms. Integrative medicine isn’t meant to replace traditional medicine, but rather to enhance it with alternative and natural treatment methods.

A wide variety of health conditions can be treated via integrative medicine – including serious conditions such as cancer. This noninvasive treatment approach can be employed to complement conventional treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery, by helping the side effects to be less noticeable or eliminated completely.

Integrative Medicine Reduces Side Effects of Treatment

The purpose of functional and integrative medicine is to identify the underlying cause of disease and to treat it at its root. Symptoms are therefore addressed as the disease itself is treated.

For example, everyone’s body reacts differently to chemotherapy. Therefore, an integrative healthcare professional who specializes in pharmacy can work with the client’s doctors to provide personalized medications that are specific to the symptoms and the underlying conditions.

Integrative medicine that accompanies conventional medicine is designed to not only treat disease and its symptoms, but also to avoid developing disease in the first place. Under the supervision and direction of a medical doctor, integrative medicine includes natural products and practices that treat both the mind and the body.

Eliminating the Need for Surgery

Doctors usually try noninvasive or minimally invasive techniques first, before recommending and implementing surgical treatments that will cause trauma to the client. The noninvasive treatments involved in integrative medicine can allow clients to avoid heavy medications or surgery.

Therefore, this natural approach is an ideal first line of defense for clients who may respond well to noninvasive measures. These measures are designed to foster natural healing properties within the body.

In addition to medications and supplements, the client’s doctor may also order massage and exercise (physical therapy) as appropriate. An experienced doctor knows how to best combine integrative and conventional medicine based on the client’s specific needs.

Wellness Center in Weatherford

Here at AlphaCare Wellness Center, Dr. Catherine Oseni partners with her clients’ physicians to provide medications that are personalized to the client’s specific needs.

Your doctor will know how best to incorporate alternative forms of treatment to your health regimen alongside your traditional medications and treatments. A firm diagnosis is the first step in determining which form of treatment is matched to your situation.

Once your doctor diagnoses your condition, alternative and conventional approaches can be set in motion. Talk to your doctor about incorporating both forms of treatment for optimal health results. Home remedies and many integrative medicines are available without prescription, but do not incorporate a treatment plan without your doctor’s consent and their expressed direction on how to proceed.

Contact AlphaCare Wellness Center today to schedule a consultation and to learn more about integrative medicine, and about how combining it with traditional medicine may be the right choice for you. Call (817) 550-6332 or fill out the appointment request form online now. Dr. Oseni looks forward to meeting with you and getting you on the right track of total health and wellness.




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