How Can I Find A Weight Management Physician Near Me?

A woman is smiling and preparing her food after meeting with her weight management specialist.A woman is smiling and preparing her food after meeting with her weight management specialist.

If you’re struggling with a weight problem, it can seem like an uphill battle. Despite your best efforts to eat right and exercise enough to slim down and maintain your desired weight, those extra pounds stubbornly refuse to disappear.

If that’s your case, you should seek the guidance and medical expertise of a weight management physician who specializes in an integrative medicine approach that goes beyond a healthy diet and exercise.

Easier said than done? Not if you adhere to the following advice!

Finding the Right Weight Management Doctor

One way to start your search for the right weight management doctor in your area is by checking the Obesity Medicine Association (OMA) member directory by your city, state, or zip code. OMA members -referred to as obesity medicine clinicians – are physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and other healthcare providers with specialized training in the treatment of obesity and obesity-related conditions.

Where self-help methods and diet books may not result in significant or sustained weight loss, an obesity doctor or healthcare provider is often much more effective in using evidence-based approaches to weight loss. That’s because there are many different factors that contribute to weight gain, and a weight management physician can develop a personalized treatment plan for you that may be comprised of nutrition, physical activity, behavioral therapy, and medication.

Dr. Catherine Oseni at AlphaCare Wellness Center in Weatherford, Texas, is not only board-certified and fellowship-trained in multiple areas of integrative and functional medicine, but she is also an expert on effective weight management techniques.

Dr. Oseni recognizes how complex weight management can be and how it requires knowledge of many different facets of medicine. Often, there are underlying health conditions that contribute to a weight problem that must first be addressed.

That’s why Dr. Oseni takes the time to explore all of your concerns and identify the factors that may be affecting your ability to gain or lose weight. From there, the underlying cause of your weight problem can be addressed so that you can finally achieve the weight loss results you desire.

The Weight Management Process

Proper weight management can help improve your energy level, metabolism, sleep, mood, and so much more. The first step to achieving it is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Oseni.

Since diet and exercise needs are different for each individual, Dr. Oseni will thoroughly review your medical history before formulating your personalized treatment plan. Depending on your unique situation, she may also prescribe medication to reset your metabolism and restore your hormonal balance.

Backed by clinical research and years of experience, the AlphaCare Wellness Center weight management program offers things like dietary assistance, nutritional education, and safe protocols to detoxify your body. Dr. Oseni walks you through each of these programs step by step to make sure you are fully equipped to make the lifestyle changes necessary toward both weight management and your optimal health.

Weight Management Program in Weatherford, TX

At Alpha Care Wellness Center, we can help you get control of your health and weight for the long term. If you’d like to learn more about our weight management and wellness programs, call our office at (817) 550-6332 or schedule an appointment with Dr. Oseni using our convenient online form.



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