Holistic Treatments for Metabolic Disorders

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Many Americans today suffer from a wide variety of metabolic disorders–conditions that affect how the body takes in and uses nutrients, causing it to have too little or too much of the very substances it needs to stay healthy. Metabolic disorders can cause symptoms that can greatly affect a person’s quality of life. These include lethargy, vomiting, abdominal pain, poor appetite, and weight loss.

If you have a metabolic disorder and have already spent months or years being shuffled back and forth between your primary care physician and your specialist only to find little relief for your symptoms, turn to us here at Alpha Care Wellness Center in Weatherford, Texas. Our holistic treatments for metabolic disorders could be the life-changing solution you need.

Using Functional Medicine Testing to Diagnose Metabolic Disorders

Dr. Catherine Oseni, our board-certified integrative and functional medicine specialist, will begin the diagnostic process by carrying out a comprehensive assessment. In addition to reviewing your symptoms, she will evaluate your family history, current health status, diet and lifestyle, and other aspects of your health to see how these may have an effect on your metabolic processes.

The doctor will then order functional medicine testing to determine where your metabolic functions may have gone awry. Dr. Catherine will likely use various testing methods, some of which are aimed at evaluating the interplay between your genes, health, and nutrition; the efficiency of your metabolic functions; and nutritional deficiencies at the cellular level. These assessments essentially provide Dr. Catherine with crucial insight into the origin and development of your metabolic disorder (pathogenesis), thereby guiding her to devise tailored, holistic treatment strategies that help ensure the best possible outcome.

Holistic Treatments We Offer for Metabolic Disorders

With her findings, Dr. Catherine will collaborate with your primary care physician and/or specialist to determine the most suitable holistic treatment plan for you. She may use any (or a combination) of the following approaches to help in the effective management of your metabolic disorder:

  • Medical-grade nutritional supplements (nutraceuticals)– Some studies suggest nutraceuticals can help in the management of various chronic health problems— including diabetes, which is the most common metabolic disorder. Nutraceuticals can help regulate glucose levels, improve insulin sensitivity, and lower cholesterol levels.
  • Alpha Detox Protocol– This is a 10- to 28-day medically supervised program designed to help enhance your body’s ability to package up toxins and eliminate them (metabolic detoxification).
  • Nutritional counseling- Diet can be a major factor in mitigating symptoms and reducing risk of complications for some metabolic disorders (i.e., inherited metabolic disorders, in which a defect in your genes can lead to enzyme deficiency).

If you have an inherited metabolic disorder, Dr. Catherine can provide you with dietary recommendations (e.g., lifelong low-protein diet) that can address the specific enzymes affected by your condition.

To arrange a consultation with Dr. Catherine, call us at (817) 550-6332, or request an appointment right here on our website. We also offer telehealth visits for your added convenience.  We look forward to serving you!



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