Functional Medicine Doctor’s Unique and Effective Approach to Healing

Medicine doctor with stethoscope using tablet and medical icon network connection on virtual screen interface in hospital background. Modern medical technology concept.Medicine doctor with stethoscope using tablet and medical icon network connection on virtual screen interface in hospital background. Modern medical technology concept.

They say that a good physician treats the disease, whereas a great physician treats the whole client– and addresses the reason behind the disease. Following this philosophy, functional medicine practitioners receive training in treating health issues at the root, in an effort to prevent the issue from developing.

Let’s dive deeper into how a functional medicine practitioner promotes healing from a proactive approach, and where you can go in Weatherford, Texas, for world-class holistic medicine.

What Functional Medicine Involves

The approach of functional medicine is multifaceted, which means it focuses on many aspects of the person rather than just the disease or health issue at hand. The idea is to maximize the client’s overall function, helping the person to heal the issue naturally and to prevent it on an ongoing basis.

This approach is designed to work for clients now and in the long term because it harnesses the following:

Patient-Centered Care

Unlike traditional medical practitioners who focus on treating the disease, a functional medicine practitioner gets to know you as a person, and not just your illness. They spend time listening to you, asking questions, gathering all of your medical histories, and examining your genetic, lifestyle, and environmental patterns.

They are well aware of the fact that you have a biochemical and genetic makeup that is unique to you, which is why the symptoms of the disease may manifest differently in you than how they manifest in other people. Your functional medicine specialist will consider the full picture of your physical, emotional, mental, and sometimes spiritual health before developing a wellness program for you.

Digging to the Core of Illness

A functional medicine practitioner knows that many separate causes can result in one health condition and that many different conditions can have one singular cause. For instance, clinical depression can be caused by many factors like low thyroid hormone levels, inflammation, and omega-3 deficiency.

So, they utilize functional medicine tests like pharmacogenomics testing, Organix comprehensive profile, and toxic elements testing, which can provide them with crucial insight into what’s going on in the body’s “ecosystem” that is causing your condition.

Patient Education

The functional medicine approach also empowers the client to play an active role in their health by applying all of their practitioner’s recommendations to their lifestyle. This will help the client to achieve the best treatment outcome.

Focusing on Self-Healing and RebalancingBody Systems

The human body is incredible at regulating and healing itself. The functional medicine practitioner, therefore, recognizes impediments to healing and makes recommendations to the client to remove those impediments.

The healthcare professional will also help you to optimize organ functions, and correct imbalances and deficiencies to jump-start the healing process.

Total Wellness

A functional medicine practitioner pairs the approach of functional medicine with integrative medicine, which assists in building optimal health for clients through diet, nutrition, medicines, supplements, nutraceuticals, detoxification programs, stress management techniques, and/or regular exercise.

Functional Medicine in Fort Worth, TX

Here at Alpha Care Wellness Center, our board-certified integrative and functional medicine specialist, Dr. Catherine Oseni, has earned an excellent reputation for providing an evidence-based solution for the prevention, management, and treatment of a wide range of medical conditions. She takes the time to understand and consider your unique needs, and she will guide you along the path to healing and optimal well-being.

To make an appointment with Dr. Catherine Oseni, contact our friendly staff today by calling us at (817) 550-6332 or by filling out our appointment request form online now. We look forward to helping you get healthy and stay healthy!



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