Functional Integrative Approach: Why It Matters


At Alpha Care Wellness Center in Weatherford, Texas, we practice what is known as functional integrative medicine.

If you’re like many clients who are curious about the diverse types of healthcare available to them today, you might be wondering what the terms “integrative” and “functional medicine” pertain to and what distinguishes them from other, more traditional medical philosophies – and why this approach to healthcare is better for your wellbeing.

Functional Integrative Medicine vs. Conventional Medicine

Integrative medicine and functional medicine are similar, but their approach to treatment is slightly different.

Integrative medicine, which uses a combination of evidence-based therapies and lifestyle changes, is aimed at understanding and treating you as a whole person to improve your health and wellness. It applies many different types of therapies to heal not just your body, but your mind and spirit, as well.

On the other hand, functional medicine seeks to identify and treat the underlying cause of your condition. That’s because one condition may have many causes, or one cause can be associated with many different conditions. Until the root cause is isolated and addressed, symptoms can’t be eliminated effectively.

Whereas conventional medicine simply examines your individual symptoms and presumes they are related to certain body parts, functional medicine allows you and your doctor to examine those symptoms to identify the affected systems in your body. In other words, functional medicine focuses on identifying and addressing the root cause of a disease by paying close attention and listening to your concerns as a client, in addition to your symptoms and overall health. In that sense, it is an integration of the best medical practices.

When combined with integrative medicine, functional medicine helps establish and maintain an ongoing course of optimal health for clients through the appropriate use of nutrition and diet, and the combinations of drugs, medicines, supplements, and therapeutic diets. It also incorporates detoxification programs, stress management techniques, and/or regular exercise, if prescribed.

The result of this specialized type of care is a more natural, whole-person approach to current healthcare, and it allows you, as a client, more freedom to take an active role in your wellness.

Functional Medicine in Fort Worth, Texas

What sets Alpha Care Wellness Center apart from many other medical practices in the Dallas/Fort Worth area is our commitment to providing client-based care. As Fort Worth’s leading functional-medicine expert, Dr. Catherine Oseni adheres to a philosophy of care that honors each individual and their unique needs. Since no two clients are exactly the same, no two clients should have the exact same treatment plan.

When you visit Alpha Care Wellness Center, Dr. Oseni and her staff begin by evaluating your physical, mental, and spiritual situation and observing how these elements overlap. Dr. Oseni and her team then develop a highly individualized treatment plan that targets diet, exercise, supplementation, and spiritual connection.

By taking this integrated approach, Dr. Oseni can delve into your medical history, establish the connection between your condition or injury and your lifestyle, and create an effective treatment plan. Dr. Catherine Oseni also works in conjunction with other providers to obtain as much information about your medical history as can be beneficial. This thorough and personalized analysis can help determine the root cause of your medical issue, rather than merely masking your symptoms.

Dr. Oseni’s holistic method is based on her perspective as a board-certified integrative pharmacist, in addition to extensive fellowship training, board certifications, and her vast knowledge of herbs, nutraceuticals, nutritional supplements, and medication interactions.

If you would like to learn more about Alpha Care Wellness Center and our approach to improved physical and mental health or to set up a consultation with Dr. Oseni, call our office at (817) 550-6332. You can also request an appointment with our convenient online form.



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