Dr. Catherine’s Favorite Wellness Gifts For 2020

Are you still shopping for Christmas gifts this week? Are people asking you what you want? Let us help! We have a few ideas that just might pique your interest! We have compiled a list of wellness gifts for our health minded friends.  

Essential Oils + Diffuser

We love aromatherapy here at Alpha Care Wellness Center! We also think it makes a great gift! Pick up associated holiday oils like Cinnamon Bark, Christmas Spirit, Thieves & Peppermint! Essential oils have great benefits for emotional & physical health. Be sure to pick up a diffuser as well for continuous fragrance throughout your home for hours.


28 Day Metabolic Detoxification Kit

Dr. Catherine suggests doing our 28 Day Metabolic Detox 2-3 times per year. Anyone who has completed this protocol knows it is transforming. Give your loved one the true gift of wellness with our 28 Day kit so they can start planning a 2021 detox! Learn more about what metabolic detoxification can do for you HERE.


Nutraceutical Gift Baskets

Dr. Catherine’s clients know the difference between pharmaceutical grade supplements & anything else. There is absolutely no comparison! Pick up holiday gift baskets such as our Immune Boost Trio or our Stress Relief Package that friends & family will utilize & love!


Five Day Fasting Box

For the person always on the go, this five day fasting box is a great gift! Designed to put your body in a fasting state without the starvation, this program supports increased energy, triggers cellular clean-up, helps pull inches off your waist & enhances sports performance.


Consultation Gift Certificates

consultation with Dr. Catherine is a gift that keeps on giving! Support the wellness of your loved ones by purchasing gift certificates for a consultation at Alpha Care Wellness Center. Gift certificates are available for in-person and virtual appointments & can be redeemed for initial consultations or follow-ups.


*** Give the office a call at 817-550-6332 to inquire about any of these gift options! Gift wrapping is available upon request!



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