Benefits of Having a Nutrition Specialist

Every doctor will tell you to eat a well-balanced diet as part of a healthy lifestyle. But everyone’s body is different, so how do you know what foods are best for you?

A nutrition specialist can test your body’s nutritional levels, determine any deficiencies, and then work with you to devise a healthy diet plan that you will enjoy. In addition, the nutrition specialist can advise you about any supplements you should include in your daily wellness routine.

It is best to combine both holistic and traditional medicinal approaches in order to achieve an optimum balance in your health and nutrition. Once you meet with an integrative medicine specialist and follow the specialist’s recommendations, you will be amazed at how you feel – and perhaps also how you look.

Let’s talk about the benefits of a nutrition specialist’s input in your overall health.

Nutrition Specialists Can Help Athletes

Many people have never visited a nutrition specialist until they had an immediate reason – such as being on an athletic team. This health professional will create a specialized plan that will help the client to eat properly for their body in order to maintain optimum performance and health.

Young athletes may be inclined to eat plenty of power bars and drink power juices, and eat a lot of red meat for protein. However, a nutrition specialist will explain how to consume a more well-rounded and healthier diet that can not only make them stronger but also help protect them against injury.

A nutrition specialist can also be your own personal diet coach to help you lose weight or gain weight. Perhaps you are a high school wrestler and want to move up a weight class – this medical practitioner can help tailor a diet plan with the goal of adding muscle weight, rather than fat weight. Perhaps you play football or swim and want to get stronger, and these athletes can also benefit from having a wellness specialist who focuses on proper nutrition.

Nutrition Specialists Help People with a Chronic Health Condition

If you have been diagnosed with a chronic condition like diabetes, your doctor may have suggested seeing a nutrition specialist to help you get on track for a healthier diet and lifestyle. Chronic diseases can oftentimes be managed simply by following a fairly strict – yet enjoyable – diet plan that includes foods you love to eat.

Many people also have allergies, and certain foods can trigger those allergies. A nutrition specialist can give you a plan that will provide all of the nutrients you need while avoiding those triggering ingredients.

How Can I Achieve Health and Wellness?

Eating the perfectly balanced, healthy diet and exercising can do only so much if underlying conditions are present in the body. If you have a chronic health condition, if you are an athlete, or if you would simply like to ensure you have the healthiest body possible, a nutrition specialist can partner with you in achieving your goals.

Dr. Catherine Oseni of AlphaCare Wellness Center has decades of experience in every aspect of integrative wellness, nutrition, weight management, and healing. She is frequently invited to speak at events about integrative medicine, and she advises clients who are battling many different health conditions such as diabetes, cancer, and blood disorders.

Dr. Catherine will work with you to develop a customized wellness program that is completely personalized to your needs, and she will work closely with your physician to ensure that you are getting the best treatment for promoting a healthy body.

You may contact us today by calling (817) 550-6332 or request an appointment online, and get your body in the best shape possible with optimum nutrition!




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