3 Tips To Prevent Overeating This Holiday Season

We are in the midst of the most wonderful time of the year & with that comes fellowship, shopping, gift-giving, parties, decorations & celebration! As social beings, we participate in most of these activities over delicious food & hearty meals. The holidays are notorious for being bringers of comfort food that we often have difficulty saying “no” to or eating in moderation. And the truth is we should enjoy these foods during this season because they often bring us together with loved ones, allow for bonding experiences & let’s be honest…Sometimes food can bring us joy! Of course, we know that moderation is the key to most things in life- holiday comfort foods included, which is why we want to provide a few tips to help you enjoy these beloved dishes while also maintaining good balance!


#1- Practice Mindful Eating

This term “mindful eating” is often used, but rarely defined. We like to explain it in this way: It is paying attention to what is on your plate, how much is on your plate & how it makes you feel when consumed. We often eat without putting a lot of thought into the process. We might eat in front of a TV, while on our phones, in the car or when we’re in a hurry. This can lead to overeating because we are not paying attention to fullness cues or quality of foods available. Mindful eating does not have to be a chore. In fact, it can be practiced while out with friends, at a restaurant, in a public setting, etc. Take a moment to consider what you would like to eat for the meal at hand, fix your plate & eat slowly enough that you are able to identify when you are satisfied. Pay attention to & appreciate all the fun holiday foods this season!  

#2- Eat Regular Meals

Do not skip meals to compensate for Christmas dinner or sugary snacks. You may think that you should skip breakfast and lunch so that you can eat a large meal later on. This restriction can lead to binging and overindulging in the long run than if you were to have square meals beforehand. Try to eat a breakfast that incorporates a protein and healthy fat such as eggs, avocado toast or the Alpha InflammX nutrition drink. Fuel your body with nutrient-dense foods and you won’t have to worry about the urge to overeat when the Christmas cookies are being passed around.  

#3- Implement Self-Care

Remember, true self-care does not embody a “treat yourself” mentality. It is prioritizing your sleep habits, drinking enough water each day, limiting stressful interactions, saying “no” to commitments that do not serve you, eating food that fuels you and speaking to yourself in a way that is encouraging and kind. Many find that the holidays are the most stressful time of the year and they “stress eat” with foods loaded down with sugar, carbohydrates and fat. Take the initiative now to pursue a self-care regimen that will empower you to make good choices. When you make yourself and your wellness a priority, the rest takes care of itself.  

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